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Celebrating 9 Years

July 1, 2024

In 2016, through focused conservation efforts and international collaboration, Giant Pandas were removed from the endangered species list. One year earlier, an esports team was established with the goal of addressing the foundational issues of the competitive gaming ecosystem. Through collaboration, it would be able to provide stability and foster growth for the benefit of all members in the communities of the games we love.

This year Panda celebrates our 9th Anniversary, and our goals remain unchanged.

We didn't get a chance to say this before, but we would like to take this opportunity to thank every member who contributed to Panda's journey. We are extremely proud to have provided opportunities and been a stepping stone for so many and we want to celebrate you, your hard work, and your successes. A very special thank you to the event organizers who welcomed our team’s support, our partners, and every player who competed in the Panda Cup. To the contractors and volunteers who worked with us to make a dream into reality: Your talents deserve to be acknowledged.

To commemorate our anniversary, we are launching the ‘Not Extinct’ apparel line. If you wish to show support, head over to We have also begun selling our back catalog at a discounted price, starting with the Core Panda Vault, and continuing in waves for the remainder of the year. As a bonus, all purchases of ‘Not Extinct’ today July 1, 2024, will receive 15% off. Your support is appreciated!

We want to publicly reaffirm our commitment to supporting the future of Smash and the FGC. In the meantime, we hope you join us in honoring the past. We are still undergoing internal structural reorganization (more on that soon) but will continue working as we always have to uplift our communities. If giant pandas can make a comeback, we can too!

Looking forward to what the future brings!

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